Commercial UAV Operators Ground School Course

Click the image to visit the TP 15263 document, which outlines the concepts covered in the course.

Click the image to visit the TP 15263 document, which outlines the concepts covered in the course.

Anyone wishing to pilot a UAV for commercial purposes - whether operating under the Exemption, or not - is required to complete a Transport Canada registered commercial UAV operators Ground School course.  They can then apply for an drone SFOC from Transport Canada to authorize operations.


ManitobaUAV Ground School

Our commercial UAV operators ground school courses are offered across Canada.  Look for a course near you!

Upcoming Courses:

  • Guelph, On: 4-5 NOV

  • Toronto: 7-8 Nov 

  • Winnipeg, MB: 9-10 Dec

  • Halifax, NS: 13-14 Jan

  • Fredericton, NB: 16-17 Jan

  • Charlottetown, PEI: 20-21 JaN

  • Winnipeg, MB: 3-4 Feb 201

  • Toronto, ON: 21-22 Feb

  • Guelph, ON: 24-25 Feb

  • OTTAWA, ON: 3-4 MAR

  • Winnipeg, MB: 10-11 MAR

  • Saskatoon, SK: 24-25 MAR

  • EDMONTON, AB: 27-28 MAR

  • CALGARY, AB: 30-31 MAR

Transport Canada Registered

M3 Aerial Productions is a registered educational provider with Transport Canada.  

Graduates of our course will be officially CERTIFIED UAV PILOTS, and will possess the skills and knowledge required to operate a UAV for commercial purposes.  

University Credit UAV Ground School

We are very proud to be able to offer our course through Brandon University's Applied Topics in Geography: UAV Ground School course offered in the Fall Session in 2017.  The course is open to anyone, especially university students from anywhere in Canada, as it is offered through distance education.

It is the same course that we offer through our private training sessions, with some minor time adjustments.  So please, feel free to ask us about our training!

Read more about our course at Brandon University here.

Special flight operations certificate

Our in-class sessions are designed to help you through the SFOC application process, as well as familiarization with industry standards, insurance policies, check-lists, operation procedures (including filing NOTAMs and communicating with Air Traffic Control) and so much more.  We have the most comprehensive course in Canada.

"our graduates NEED to know everything that our pilots know"

This course is what we use to train our own employees, so excellence is a requirement.