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Industry Courses

To Develop a Global Understanding of All Things Drones

The Rise of the Drone Industry

For years the drone market has been in a nascent phase with the majority of activity being Military and recreational. In 2016, regulations governing the operation of drones began changing in North America and around the world. These changes unleashed a wave of industrial adoption as multiple industries began exploring the broad range of commercial applications.

Today, these green, unmanned aerial technologies are gaining broad recognition across countless industries and in doing so, have become a full-fledged industry in their own right. 

M3 Drone Training Zone is continuously developing new educational programs focused on industry specific applications. From introductory courses, intended to familiarize our audience to the practical application of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, to online courses, webinars, in-person education to train those interested in employing a Drone Solution for their own requirements. Specific, hands-on, flight training is also available. See our Flight Training Section for information. 

Precision Agriculture

Our courses will allow you to quickly gain an understanding on how unmanned aerial systems can help obtain higher crop yield.

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