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Becoming a Pilot. Which course is best for me?

Online Self-Learning

Our Basic Operations course is designed to get you flying fast. This course will give you all the knowledge needed for the Basic Operations exam from Transport Canada, which upon completion, will allow you to fly under the following conditions:
- More than 5km away from airports
- At least 30m away from people
- No flight above bystanders


Our Advanced Operations course allows you to push your knowledge of unmanned aerial systems further. This course prepares you to successfully complete the Advanced Operations exam from Transport Canada. This will allow you to fly under a more extended set of conditions:
- Less than 5km away from airports, with air traffic control approval
- Less than 30m away from people
- Over bystanders


Learn how to operate a drone to its full potential. Learn how to take great pictures and collect data for scouting. Learn how to mission plan and coordinate with NAV CANADA. Collect, Process, Analyze, and Share data using UAVs. Fly actual units, and complete autonomous missions.

Flight Review

Once you have passed your Advanced Operations exam, M3 is Transport Canada authorized to provide the Flight Review required to obtain the Transport Canada Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations.

Presenting at Crop Day

Professional Training by Experienced Professionals

Regardless of whether you want to pilot a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System for recreation, a part-time business, or a career, success depends on a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. At M3, we’ve combined our passion for the technology of unmanned aerial systems and their applications with our passion for education.

Your journey to become a drone pilot begins with Ground School and M3 has a wide offering of online courses, both on-demand and live, to get you started or to take your knowledge and abilities to the next level. In addition, we offer hands-on training coast to coast to build your abilities and confidence along with Flight Reviews for those wishing to obtain their Advanced Pilot Certification. Information about flight training and Flight Reviews can be found in the Flight Training section of this website.

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