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Flight Training & Review

To Learn to Fly and for Certification

Flight Training


Instructors and pilots at M3 Aerial Productions are experts in the use and operation of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAV, platforms. Through our In-Person Pilot Training, you will gain the knowledge and understanding to operate your system skillfully, utilizing the many additional functions that most people don’t realize these machines even have.

Course Information:

Length: 8 hours

Cost: $850.00 + tax per person

Availability: Private bookings by request, evenings and weekends.

Flight Review

Once you've passed your Advanced Operations exam, M3 is there for the Flight Review portion.

Once you’ve passed your Advanced Operations exam, a Flight Review is required to obtain your Transport Canada Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations.


As a Flight Review Candidate, you will be required to coordinate an Advanced RPAS operation as if it were to be executed in Controlled airspace regardless of where the review takes place.

M3 has Flight Reviews personnel located across Canada.

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