UAV Ground School - Credit Card Registration

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UAV Ground School - Credit Card Registration


As of September 1st, 2018 our prices have changed to reflect the improvements in our program. M3 Aerial Productions Inc. offers a 2-day UAV Pilot Ground School Course to become a certified UAV pilot. We are a registered ground school with Transport Canada. We are professional educators with military and UAV experience in the agriculture, real estate, and marketing industries.

Though there is the option to register multiple people at once in the menu below, you will only be asked to fill out one registration form. So if you wish to register multiple people, please do so one at a time, so you can fill the form out for each person. Thank you!

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M3 Aerial Productions Ground School Training Program


M3 Aerial Productions Inc. is a Transport Canada recognized provider of UAV Operational training. Matthew Johnson is the President and primary course instructor. Matthew is a professional UAV pilot, educator, and a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces.


The course consists of three phases:

Phase 1) Online Study (Est. 20-30 hours) – Course content in this section covers the mandatory Transport Canada document TP 15263. The learning outcomes from this section are as follows:
• Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS)
• Flight and Aerodynamic Theory
• Aeronautical Safety
• Meteorology
• Aerodromes and Airports
• Operating and Flight Rules
• Maps and Charts
• Air Law
• Radio Theory
• Flight Operations
• Pre-flight Planning
• Pilot Navigation
• Dealing with Emergencies
• Weather Constraints
• Human Factors
• Pilot Discipline

Phase 2) In-Class & Instruction – This section will focus on the following:
• Communicating with NAV CANADA
• Understanding Aeronautical Charts
• Mission Planning
• Essentials of Meteorology
• Regulations and Safety
• SFOC Application Process
• Insurance
• Radio Procedure
• Experiential Scenario Analyses


To be confirmed for each location. Common locations in cities where we offer the training are:

  • Winnipeg: PrairieView School of Photography

  • Vancouver: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Campus

  • Edmonton: The King’s University

  • Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan

  • Thunder Bay: Lakehead University


Time: 8:30AM – 4:30PM both days
Lunch and assorted refreshments is provided.


In order to fly a UAV commercially, a business must possess a valid SFOC or operate under the Transport Canada exemption conditions and have a minimum liability insurance coverage. In order for Transport Canada to grant an SFOC, the applicant must have proof of completion of a UAV Operators Ground School (or similar) course, provided by a Transport Canada recognized authority, completed to a minimum passing standard of 60%. (this is why it is a good idea to complete the online portion prior to the In-Class session).

Following completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from M3 Aerial Productions, confirming understanding of TP 15263 content to a minimum passing standard of 60%. Please note that there will not be any hands on flying of any UAVs during the course.