Please, don't take our word for it!  We've had an overwhelmingly warm response to our training!  See what other people are saying about the training from M3 Aerial Productions Inc., across Canada!

“This course opened my eyes even more as I pursue this field. Excellent! Perfect course for anyone to learn the in’s and out’s of unmanned air vehicles!”
- Derek Fisher
Edmonton, Sep 2018

"Well presented.  I feel much more confident in UAV operations.  Matthew clearly knows what he is doing!"
- Ryan Cheale
Midcan Productions
Winnipeg, June 2018

 UAV Flight Training outside Winnipeg September 2018

UAV Flight Training outside Winnipeg
September 2018

"I love Matthew's passion and teaching excitement.  Interesting real world examples!"
- Preston Stanton
Winnipeg, June 2018

"So much information to streamline so many different aspects of drone ownership / flight operations of a commercial flyer."
- Ben Doerksen
Winnipeg, May 2018

"There was a lot of info to cover, but it was well worth it!"
- Richard Doudiet
TBT Engineering
Thunder Bay, Apr 2018

"This course was informative and well laid out.  Educational atmosphere while keeping it relaxed and engaging."

- Nick Hope
Skeye Aerial
Edmonton, Mar 2018

"Excellent course!  Great mix of content, personal experience, and videos."
- Dillon Nunes
RM of St. Clements
Winnipeg, Mar 2018

"Very impressed & learned a lot"
- Blake McKellar
Bayer CropScience Inc.
Saskatoon, Feb 2018

"The course was full of relevant information and examples.  I would highly recommend attending.  Great value for your dollar!"
- Matthew Gudger, Endeavour Hydrographic Ltd.
Moncton, Jan 2018

"Very informative.  A comfortable atmosphere and the instructor has up-to-date knowledge on current regulations."
- Joshua McCallum
Moncton, Jan 2018

1pilot 3.jpg

"I really enjoyed this!  Informative and interesting.  Very engaging!  If you can keep my attention in a classroom, you are doing something right!  A+++ of a course.  I really enjoyed it an I believe I can become a commercial UAV pilot!  Thanks so much for the training!"
- Satisfied Ground School Graduate
Moncton 2018

"More info than expected, but like the focus on industry regulations and SFOC info."
- Dale Oakes, Bayer
Brandon, Apr 2017

"Very good course.  Explanations were clear and thorough, and there was ample time for questions and clarifications."
- Alyssa Eagle
Brandon University Course, Fall 2017


“Very well layed out. Covers all important points. Amazing added value with access to useful documents!”
- Kyle Sierens
Winnipeg, Sep 2018

“I was thoroughly impressed with Matt’s knowledge and relevance of the examples that were used.”
- Darren Cobick
Edmonton, Sep 2018

"Matt was extremely knowledgable regarding all of the topics of the course and easily answers all of the questions we had.”
- Thomas Hopkins
Edmonton, Sep 2018

Matthew knows his stuff!  This is a "must have" course for beginners!  Very clear, concise and professionally delivered.  Very satisfied and highly recommended!"
- Glenn Kulbaba
Winnipeg, June 2018

"Very engaging, lots of good information that can help with future operations!"
- Cole Watts
Winnipeg, May 2018

"Thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  Wish I had been able to take a 5-day course with Matt."
- Harland Orendt
Thunder Bay, Apr 2018

"Very engaging!"
- Jessica Connolly
Brandon University, Winter 2018

 Crop health analysis using the eBee SQ Summer 2017

Crop health analysis using the eBee SQ
Summer 2017

"Just finished the M3 Aerial Productions UAV Systems in Industry UAV Ground School, with lots of extras!  It is not a pushover, but a thorough, by the book, and anecdotal course.  [It is] realistic, fun, informative, instructive, [and] teaching a risky business [with] potentially damaging liabilities.  Matthew definitely knows his stuff.  Don't undersell the importance of this training!"
- Harry Siemens
Siemens Says
Winnipeg, Feb 2018

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"Great course! Very informative!  Everything I was expecting and more!"
- Robert Hicks
Moncton, Jan 2018

"Thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and for putting together an excellent course."
- Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj, Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada (AAFC)
Saskatoon, Feb 2017

"Absolutely awesome!  Matt knows his stuff, and even though they were long days and a lot of material, the days seem to go smoothly!"
- Cam Kenny, AAFC
Saskatoon, Feb 2017

"It's a great course to start with drones.  I recommend everyone should undergo the course."
- Dr. Yogendra Khedikar, AAFC
Saskatoon, Feb 2017

"Lots of info covered in the course and was explained very well.  Great course!  Well organized and prepared to keep you interested"
- Dustin Redfern, Redfern Farm Services
Winnipeg, Mar 2017

"Very impressed with the course.  Lots of useful information.  Went well beyond what was expected!"
- Dillon Thoms
Winnipeg, Jun 2017

"Overall, the course was very thorough and informative."
- Oliver Thunken
Moncton, Jan 2018

“Fantastic, informative, and very cool!”
- Don Dompe
Edmonton, Sep 2018

 UAV Flight Training outside Winnipeg September 2018

UAV Flight Training outside Winnipeg
September 2018

“The course was great! A lot of pertinent info!”
- Devon Agnew
Edmonton, Sep 2018

"I would thoroughly recommend Matthew's class to anyone, no matter their level of UAV knowledge.  His knowledge is extensive and his experience is an invaluable reference!"
- Tanner Grywinski
Winnipeg, June 2018

"Excellent course!  Very well done and very professional!"
- Keith Falardeau
Thunder Bay, Apr 2018

"The course is well prepared and presented, and I now feel more confident in my ability to prepare an SFOC application and to plan and perform flight operations [using UAVs]."

- Scott Neilsen
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Saskatoon, Mar 2018

"The instructor (Matt) brought a lot of useful information to class and went through it in a timely manner, kept it interesting, and I feel like I have learned a lot of helpful information to approach this new venture"
- Kendra Cousins
Brandon University, Winter 2018

"The course was very informative.  I feel confident that I have the proper resources to operate UAVs commercially."
- Chris Thephasone
Winnipeg, Feb 2018

 Mapping operation in Saskatchewan Summer 2017

Mapping operation in Saskatchewan
Summer 2017

"The course was very well put-together and enjoyable.  I learned a lot of very useful information."
- Jaycek Valentine
Winnipeg, Feb 2018

"Impressed with the course material, presentation, and Matthew's first-hand input, advice, and enthusiasm!"
- Preston Stanton
Private Training, December 2017

Matt and Ryan M3.JPG

"Instructor was very well prepared and knowledgeable, very engaging, shared personal experiences that were very relatable, relevant and helpful.  The numerous guest speakers were great, and made the course very widely ranging.  The online component is incredibly thorough and educational.
- Daniel G. Degner, M.L.S.
Winnipeg, Dec 2017

"Recommend this course to anyone planning to use drones for pleasure or work"
- Grant Tweed
Brandon University Course, Fall 2017

"Great material, and knowledgeable teacher."
- Cam Tibbett, Munro Farm Supplies
Winnipeg, Mar 2017

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