Surveying & Mining

UAVs are boosting productivity and profitability on many industrial job sites.  Projects that may have previously been dangerous or complicated, requiring several crew members and possibly days, or even weeks to complete using traditional survey techniques are now being completed in a single site visit using a drone.  A drone can survey a site quickly and efficiently without having to shut down operations.

How are we using drones in mining?

  • Photogrammetry and Orthomosaics
  • Digital Elevation Mapping for planning and modelling
  • Erosion detection and ground water drainage management
  • Mineral exploration
  • Pit management
  • Route planning and road surface
  • Pre- and Post-blast modelling
  • Real time monitoring
  • Mapping steep and inaccessible areas
  • Progress monitoring

What sort of deliverable's can we provide our clients?

M3 Aerial Productions uses fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAV platforms to gather RTK / PPK elevation maps and 3D orthomosaics.  This data can be used for site management and analytics.  We use an online interactive file-sharing platform that allows our clients to:

  • Navigate the data easily
  • Make area and volumetric calculations
  • Take cross-sectional measurements
  • Analyze slope angles and topographic changes by applying contour and colour contour layers
  • and Much more

If you're interested in a demonstration of our interactive client data-sharing platform, please Contact Us and we can provide a free demonstration.

We Provide Enterprise UAV Consulting Services for Mining Companies

Integrating UAV technology into a company that doesn't currently use them can be a challenge!  We have helped with UAV integration programs for many companies and organizations that are involved in mining and textiles, as well as government organizations such as Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service and the Winnipeg School Division.

We can train your staff how to derive benefit from UAS technology in the areas of:

Consulting Services We Provide

  • Administrative and Executive guidance to help your company identify what, and how UAV technology can benefit your company
  • Flight services and demonstrations
  • Group employee Ground School and Specialized Flight Operations Training
  • Equipment discounts
  • Data processing and systems integration
  • SFOC cooperative formatting
  • Troubleshooting support

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