SFOC Consulting Webinars

You've Got your Ground School...
Now you Just need the SFOC!

Getting your Unmanned Air Vehicle Restricted Operators Complex Special Flight Operations Certificate (UAV ROC-SFOC) can be every bit as daunting as the abbreviation makes it sound!

We offer a 2-hour Live Online Webinar designed to help individuals with their SFOC application.  It is a time consuming process, and, unfortunately for you, we can't just give you a template! Transport Canada requires that everyone fill out their own SFOC specific to their own operation.  

During our webinar, we will cover the most important pieces of information that you need to know.  We will tell you what Transport Canada is looking for in order to get your application approved.  There is nothing worse than waiting the 8-12 weeks to get through the queue, only to find that you didn't do it properly!

For only $65.00 + GST you can receive live, interactive training with our experts to help you with your application.  

But guess what, you'll be able to ask us questions whenever you want afterwards also!