Get certified to fly UAV's commercially in Canada

About The Course

M3 Aerial Productions Inc. offers a 2-day UAV Pilot Ground School Course across Canada.

We are a registered ground school with Transport Canada, and this course counts towards your requirement in becoming a certified UAV pilot. 

We are professional educators with military and UAV experience in the agriculture, real estate, and marketing industries.

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We Are M3 Aerial Productions Inc.


M3 Aerial Productions Inc. is a Transport Canada recognized provider of UAV Operational training.

Matthew Johnson is the President & CEO, and primary course instructor. Matthew is a professional UAV pilot, educator, and a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces.


About The Course

The course consists of three phases.

Phase 1:

Online Study (Est. 20-30 hours) – Course content in this section covers the mandatory Transport Canada document TP 15263. The learning outcomes from this section are as follows:
• Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS)
• Flight and Aerodynamic Theory
• Aeronautical Safety
• Meteorology
• Aerodromes and Airports
• Operating and Flight Rules
• Maps and Charts
• Air Law
• Radio Theory
• Flight Operations
• Pre-flight Planning
• Pilot Navigation
• Dealing with Emergencies
• Weather Constraints
• Human Factors
• Pilot Discipline

Phase 2:

In-Class & Instruction – This section will focus on the following:
• Communicating with NAV CANADA
• Understanding Aeronautical Charts
• Mission Planning
• Essentials of Meteorology
• Regulations and Safety
• SFOC Application Process
• Insurance
• Radio Procedure
• Experiential Scenario Analyses

Aditional details

Where: Facility TBD (An email will be sent out to all registrants upon enrollment) 

When: Time: 8:30AM – 4:30PM | Both days lunch and assorted refreshments are provided.


In order to fly a UAV commercially, a business must possess a valid SFOC or operate under the Transport Canada exemption conditions and have a minimum liability insurance coverage. In order for Transport Canada to grant an SFOC, the applicant must have proof of completion of a UAV Operators Ground School (or similar) course, provided by a Transport Canada recognized authority, completed to a minimum passing standard of 60%. (this is why it is a good idea to complete the online portion prior to the In-Class session).

Following completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from M3 Aerial Productions, confirming understanding of TP 15263 content to a minimum passing standard of 60%. Please note that there will not be any hands on flying of any UAVs during the course.