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Currently there are 2 methods to pay for the course.  You can by via etransfer, or by credit card.  Please read the instructions for each of the options.  Note that GST is added to the base price.  

1) Pay by e-transfer

The base cost for paying by e-transfer is $550 per person.  You can register by clicking the button below, and then send your e-transfer to

2) Pay by Credit Card

There is a small processing fee of an additional 6.5% (it costs us 7.2% per order to have the option for you to pay by credit card).  The base price to pay by credit card is $585.75. 


If you are a student (either secondary, or post-secondary) you may receive a discount of 10%.  Please contact us first if this is the case, and we will provide you with a DISCOUNT CODE that you may apply to receive the discount.  Proof of enrollment is required.  Click here if this applies to you!