Attracting buyers

They say that a house will sell itself.  

If you think a little more effort needs to be put in, then why not consider using aerial photography to help attract potential buyers to your property!  

Our customers are continuously amazed at our service, products, and our meticulous attention to detail.  Visit our Testimonials page to see what our past clients have to say about M3 Aerial Productions!

Watch the videos below to get a sense of what we can provide for your real estate needs!

Benefits of Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography allows potential buyers to get a strong sense of the entire property, as well as the surrounding properties and neighbourhood.  Is the house located near a park, lake, river, school, or other amenity?  Why not showcase the neighbourhood to add another dimension to your sale?  

We have helped sell houses, cottages, farms, and developments.  Please see our video's below for examples of what we can do for you!

Our aerial services extend beyond simple pictures and video, as we also provide specialized imagery for precision agriculture.  Visit our Agriculture page for more information on NDVI and Thermal Imagery!


Not selling?  An enlarged aerial picture of your property or neighbourhood above the fire place, or in your front hallway could add a great discussion piece for your guests.  

Take a look at some of our Real Estate photos in our gallery on the Flight Deck.  You might be surprised at how great a roof can look!

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