M3 Aerial's team is comprised of highly skilled, educated, trained, Transport Canada certified, and experienced UAV pilots. Our pilots come from diverse backgrounds, including education, and military-based experiences, and are part of a nation-wide network or UAV operators.  If you are interested in joining our network of trained pilots, please click here for UAV ground school!

Owner, President

 Matthew Johnson, Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Johnson,
Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Johnson - founded M3 Aerial Productions in 2015, initially as a media productions company.  In November 2015 we redirected our focus to the precision agriculture sector.  Today we are one of the leading agricultural UAV service providers in Canada.

Matthew was educated at the University of Manitoba where he studied for eight years, obtaining three degrees (BPE, BA, BEd), and has taught mathematics in Manitoba high schools for five years.  He has served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves for 8 years, currently holding the rank of Captain.  He is married to an amazing wife, and has two children who light up his world, providing him with inspiration each and every day!

Matthew first became an entrepreneur in 2011 when he formed and operated a successful small engine repair and sales business in Winnipeg.

He enjoys meeting and working with food producers across the country, and has logged over 200 hours of flight time on UAV systems.

CTO (Chief Training/Technology Officer)

 Trevor Lehmann, CTO (Chief Training/Technology Officer)

Trevor Lehmann, CTO
(Chief Training/Technology Officer)

Trevor Lehmann - Studied with Matthew in the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Manitoba, and obtained his professional educator status in 2012.  Trevor is the owner of Convergent Games, a board game publisher, famous for their agricultural board game Crop Cycle.  A fast-paced, farming card game and homage to the Canadian Prairie agriculture industry, Crop Cycle was a solo project by Trevor, has only been on the market for a couple years, and has sold out on shelves across Canada.  See more about Convergent Games and Crop Cycle here.

Trevor comes from an agricultural background, growing up, his father was an agronomist, and he became very interested in farming at an early age.  Trevor was the first student trained at M3 Aerial Productions Commercial UAV Training School, and has taken on the role of developing the education department within the company.  He is a master in design and strategy, and is the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. 


M3 Aerial Productions holds three active Standing Restricted Operator Complex Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCissued by Transport Canada for commercial UAV operations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Ontario, and all of Atlantic Canada.


We currently hold $2M aviation liability insurance.

In order to fly a UAV (25 kg or less), operating within Visual Line of Sight in Canada, the pilot must have a solid understanding of the requirements.  Visit the Transport Canada website at the following link to see the Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of UAV Systems.