M3 Aerial's team is comprised of highly skilled, educated, trained, Transport Canada certified, and experienced RPAS pilots. Our course instructors and pilots come from diverse backgrounds, including education, engineering, military, graphic design and photography, etc.

Every person who registers for RPAS Ground School (Advanced or Basic) is able to join the largest nation-wide drone pilot network in Canada, FlyWithM3.  If you are interested in joining our network of trained pilots, please click here to register for Advanced RPAS Ground School.

Matthew Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, President

Matthew Johnson,
Chief Executive Officer, President

CEO / President,
PILOT-IN-COMMAND, and Primary Instructor

Matthew Johnson

Matthew founded M3 Aerial Productions in 2015, initially as a media productions company.

In November 2015 we redirected our focus to the precision agriculture sector.  Today we are one of the leading agricultural drone service providers in Canada.

Matthew was educated at the University of Manitoba where he studied for eight years, obtaining three degrees (BPE, BA, BEd), and has taught mathematics in Manitoba high schools for five years.  He served in the Canadian Armed Forces, releasing after 10 years of service at the rank of Captain.  

Click the image to download the report

Click the image to download the report

In 2018 Matthew was named as one of the Top 7 Drone Visionaries in Precision Agriculture, and made the list of the Top 50 Drone Visionaries in the world in a report by the Commercial UAV News.

Matthew has personally trained over 700 commercial drone pilots as the primary instructor for the M3 Aerial Productions RPAS Ground School program, and enjoys meeting and working with new pilots from across the country. 

Matthew has has logged over 600 hours of flight time on RPAS systems.

Jovanny Sanchez, Instructor, Curriculum Developer & Pilot-In-Command

Jovanny Sanchez, Instructor, Curriculum Developer & Pilot-In-Command

Curriculum Developer, Instructor, & PILOT-IN-COMMAND

Jovanny Sanchez

Jovanny brings 25 years of management experience in the aviation industry including the commercial and military sector. He served in the Colombian Air Force for 22 years and retired in 2015 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He performed various roles throughout his career, such as Flight Operations, Safety Management, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Auditing and Training Development and delivery.

Jovanny earned a degree in Aviation Management from the University of Colombia Air Force, graduating in 1996, with postgraduate studies in Aviation Safety Management, Security and National Defense, as well as Business Management from the University of Manitoba.

He gained over 5000 hours in the air aboard the C-337 Skymaster, C-208 Caravan, SA2-37 Schweizer, AC-47, and C-130 Herculese. He also conducted military drone operations as mission commander of the UAV Scan Eagle system in Columbia.

In the last three years Jovanny has been teaching and developing training programs in the aviation safety field for the commercial and military industry such as, Crew Resource Management, Threat and Error Management, Risk Management, Safety and Quality Management. He now brings his knowledge and experience to M3 Aerial Productions to develop and implement new strategies and best practices.

Thomas Lepp, Instructor, Flight Reviewer, and Pilot-In-Command

Thomas Lepp, Instructor, Flight Reviewer, and Pilot-In-Command

Instructor, Flight Reviewer, & pilot in Command

Thomas Lepp

Tom Lepp is a professional aerial cinematographer and CG artist and has worked in film, visual effects, and game development for over 25 years and has been a 3D Computer Graphics instructor at Red River College in Winnipeg Manitoba for several years. He is a highly experienced drone operator specializing in creating stunning aerial imagery and data capture for film, commercial and game projects. Tom holds RPAS Advanced Operations and Flight Reviewer certifications from Transport Canada. He has worked as a director, VFX supervisor, cinematographer, concept artist, modeler, animator, technical director, and art director. Some of the studios Tom has worked for include The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Frantic Films, Prime Focus World, Blue Train Studios, Fused Brains, Zenfri, Tangent Animation, and various other game, film and visual effects studios around the world. 

Lee Dodson, Instructor, Flight Reviewer, and Pilot-In-Command

Lee Dodson, Instructor, Flight Reviewer, and Pilot-In-Command

Instructor, Flight Reviewer, & pilot in Command

Lee Dodson

Lee has a Higher National Diploma in Marine Telecommunications and Radar Maintenance, and is a fully qualified Master Mariner. He is a highly experienced RF & Microwave Radar engineer and surveyor, with over 25 years in the Offshore Energy sector, providing technical support training for RPAS maintenance, survey, inspection, videography and piloting skills.

After several years managing technical training schools based in Africa and Asia (developing instructor training programs and teaching advanced electronics and telemetry), he now provides RPAS training services for M3 in the the Atlantic Canada region, and is a fully certified Transport Canada Flight Reviewer.

Lee is originally from the UK and (after travelling the world), has now made Canada and Prince Edward Island his ‘forever’ home.


Law Enforcement Training Program

Brad Wall

Brad has 36 years of law enforcement experience, including 30 years with the Winnipeg Police Service, and 6 years with the Manitoba Department of Natural Resources.

During his time with the Winnipeg Police, most of his career was with investigative units which involved every type of investigations from organized crime to homicide cases. The last 14 years was in the Technical Surveillance Unit which utilized numerous types of cutting edge technologies, including drones.

Brad is currently involved with training and technical support in the electronic surveillance market worldwide.

Where can you find us?

Our Advanced RPAS Ground School programs are offered all across Canada. We regularly run training in major city centers including Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, the Greater Toronto Area, and Atlantic Canada.

Our home office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but we prefer to stay on the move!


We currently hold $5MM aviation RPAS liability insurance, available to clients upon request.

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