M3 Aerial's team is comprised of highly skilled, educated, trained, Transport Canada certified, and experienced UAV pilots. Our pilots come from diverse backgrounds, including education, and military-based experiences, and are part of a nation-wide network or UAV operators.  If you are interested in joining our network of trained pilots, please click here for UAV ground school!

CEO / President &

Matthew Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, President

Matthew Johnson,
Chief Executive Officer, President

Matthew Johnson

founded M3 Aerial Productions in 2015, initially as a media productions company.  In November 2015 we redirected our focus to the precision agriculture sector.  Today we are one of the leading agricultural UAV service providers in Canada.

Matthew was educated at the University of Manitoba where he studied for eight years, obtaining three degrees (BPE, BA, BEd), and has taught mathematics in Manitoba high schools for five years.  He served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves for 10 years, and released in 2018 at the rank of Captain.  

In 2018 Matthew was named as one of the Top 7 Drone Visionaries in Precision Agriculture, and made the list of the Top 50 Drone Visionaries in a report by the Commercial UAV News.

Matthew has personally trained over 400 commercial drone pilots as the primary instructor for the M3 Aerial Productions RPAS Ground School program, and enjoys meeting and working with new pilots from across the country. 

Matthew has has logged over 400 hours of flight time on UAV systems.

Curriculum Developer &

Jovanny Sanchez

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Jovanny brings 20 years of management experience in the aviation industry including the commercial and military sector. He served in the Colombian Air Force for 22 years and retired in 2015 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He performed various roles throughout his career, such as Flight Operations, Safety Management, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Auditing and Training Development and delivery.

Jovanny earned a degree in Aviation Management from the University of Colombia Air Force, graduating in 1996, with postgraduate studies in Aviation Safety Management, Security and National Defense, as well as Business Management from the University of Manitoba.

He gained over 5000 hours in the air aboard the C-337 Skymaster, C-208 Caravan, SA2-37 Schweizer, AC-47, and C-130 Herculese. He also conducted military drone operations as mission commander of the UAV SCAN EAGLE system in Columbia.

In the last three years Jovanny has been teaching and developing training programs in the aviation safety field for the commercial and military industry such as, Crew Resource Management, Threat and Error Management, Risk Management, Safety and Quality Management. He now brings his knowledge and experience to M3 Aerial Productions to develop and implement new strategies and best practices.


M3 Aerial Productions holds an active National Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate for operations in Class C, D, E, F, and G airspace, and can operate any time day or night.


We currently hold $5M aviation liability insurance.

In order to fly a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (or UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicle) weighing 25 kg or less, operating within Visual Line of Sight in Canada, the pilot must have a solid understanding of the knowledge requirements.  Visit the Transport Canada website at the following link to see the Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of UAV Systems.