M3 Aerial in the Media

M3 Aerial Productions has been active in the drone aerial imaging and photography industry since 2015.  We are fortunate to be considered experts in the industry by many, and have been featured in several publications over the years.  See how M3 Aerial Productions has been collecting valuable data for our customers, and providing drone pilot training across Canada in some of the articles below!

Click on the links below to read articles about M3 Aerial Productions Inc. in the news:
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Real Agriculture (Dec 2017): What To Do If You See A Suspicious Drone Over Your Property

The Brandon Sun (July 2017): BU Drone Certification Course Among the First Across Canada

Propeller (July 2017): Using AeroPoints to Produce Highly Accurate Elevation Maps

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Winnipeg Metro (Mar 2017): Winnipeg UAV Flight Instructor Welcomes New Drone Rules

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CBC News (May 2016): Drones 'revolutionizing' Manitoba farming with help from Winnipeg company