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M3 Aerial Productions

Matthew D.G. Johnson

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M3 Aerial Productions is an aerial imaging service provider *and sales* that uses UAVs or "drones" to take some really amazing shots from high up in the sky!

We use fixed wing (like the one our owner, Matthew Johnson is holding in the picture) and multi-rotor UAVs such as the AgEagle RX60, eBee Ag, DJI Inspire 1, and DJI Phantom series equipped with high resolution cameras, and/or calibrated remote sensors to gather our imagery/data.

We service several industries, including Agriculture, Mining/Oil Surveying, Construction, Real Estate, and Public/Private events.

Our territory extends from Alberta to Nova Scotia (except Quebec) and will soon include British Columbia.  We are also planning on expanding into the North-central and North-eastern United States in 2017.

Feel free to browse our website while you're here and see some of the amazing imaging we can do.