The best value of any Canadian UAV Ground School program. Online and Instructor-led training for only $650!! You can't go wrong!

Course Description:

The M3 Aerial Productions UAV Pilot Ground School provides all of the content required by Transport Canada (in the "Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems...", TP 15263 document).  We also provide a huge amount of practical value as we help you understand the problems you may encounter on a mission, as well as mission planning strategies and how to coordinate with NAV CANADA efficiently.  

This course includes study content for Canada's Restricted Radio Operators Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A), though we do not provide the actual certificate, you will need to write the exam at one of hundreds of retailers around Canada.

FOUR 4-Hour
Live Webinar SeRIES!

Don't have time to make it out for a full weekend? No problem! We plan the course in part, around your schedule!

The course is 16 hours, so we will usually break it into 4 four-hour weekday evening sessions.  These are generally small classes of 6 people minimum.

This course covers all of the pertinent information that we cover in our in-person training sessions, but it is flexible enough to allow you to take it from home.

Our instructors are certified professional educators with diverse backgrounds, including education, Canadian Forces, Agriculture and Insurance.

Learn about:

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations

  • Flight and Aerodynamic Theory

  • Aeronautical Safety

  • Meteorology

  • Operating near Aerodromes and Airports

  • Air Laws and Flight Rules

  • Aeronautical Maps and Charts

  • Radio Theory

  • Operational and Pre-Flight Planning

  • Pilot Navigation

  • Dealing with Emergencies

  • Weather Constraints

  • Human Factors

  • Pilot Discipline

Online Study Package to complete When you can!

The online study package should be completed along with the webinar series.  At the end of the last webinar session, the student should have completed the online package.

Once the online package is completed, a final exam will be administered online.  Students must achieve a passing standard of 60% to receive a Certificate of Completion of the Ground School.

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Learn practical skills

We will provide you with the confidence to manage a UAV operation.  Practical skill areas include:

  • Communicating with NAV CANADA

  • Using the Canada Flight Supplement

  • Mission Planning

  • Understanding Meteorological Conditions

  • Interpreting Regulations and Safety

  • etc.


Included with this training is free ongoing SFOC consulting.  That's right, FREE!  We not only help you sort through the red tape of Transport Canada, we will also work with you to help you craft an SFOC application that will get you approved for flying in no time!

Registration is open to anyone in Canada.

Cost is $650 + GST per person

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SFOC, and do I need one?

It is a Special Flight Operations Certificate, a document issued by Transport Canada which grants you permission to fly a UAV for commercial purposes.  Learn more about the SFOC at the Transport Canada website.

Is this course Transport Canada approved?

M3 Aerial Productions are one of only a handful of registered training organizations in Canada that are on the list of Compliant Trainers at Transport Canada.  Our courses meet the requirement both of Staff Instruction (SI) No. 623-001, and TP15263. When you complete our program, we provide you with a Certificate of Completion of UAV Ground School which you may cite on your SFOC application to get approval for commercial UAV operations.

Is this course applicable outside of Canada?

Yes!  Our course will not only provide you with valuable information to help you run a high quality UAV operation, but the knowledge you will gain will allow you to pass any entrance commercial UAV examinations in any of the 191 ICAO (International Civial Aviaition Organization) states around the world!

How do I take the exam?

When you complete both portions of the course - PART 1: The Online Training Package (takes 25-30 hours to complete) as well as PART 2: The LIVE Webinar UAV Ground School (takes 16 hours spread over four 4-hour sessions from the comfort of your own home!).

Is this course legitimate?

Our course is currently being offered as third-year credit courses in two Canadian universities (Brandon University and the University of Manitoba).  We are the only course in Canada to be offered for university credit at multiple institutions.  Our Certificate of Completion of UAV Ground School is highly regarded by Transport Canada, as we have helped hundreds of individuals and companies get their UAV pilot certifications.

Do you offer flight training on UAV systems?

Yes, if you are able to attend our Flight Training events.  You must have completed a UAV Pilot Ground School in order to be able to participate in Flight Training.  You'll learn how to program autonomous mapping missions, emergency flight maneuvers, basic aerial photography skills, maintenance procedures, data transferring methods, and much more!  Check out our Flight Training section for more information!

How often does the course run?

The LIVE Webinar UAV Ground School course runs 3x a week.  When you sign up, we will send you a "Doodle Scheduling Planner" link where you will be able to coordinate the days when you can attend sessions.  You could complete the course in as soon as 2 weeks, or as long as it takes you to fit it into your schedule.  We're easy like that!

What time does the training take place?

We usually run our training sessions in 4-hour time blocks at various times throughout the week. The times are not consistently run at the same times, and are often coordinated between several people taking the training, though we often run training in the evening hours on Weekdays, and throughout all hours of the day on Weekends.

Is this training mandatory?

Yes it is.  You must complete UAV Ground School training from a compliant UAV Ground School in order to operate a UAV commercially either under the exemption rules or with an SFOC.