“Drones in the Classroom”
RPAS Training

The Teacher’s Guide to Using
Drones in Schools

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Ground School

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This is our standard Advanced RPAS Ground School program, which has been taught to over 800 RPAS pilots across Canada. This course will prepare individuals for the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Pilot Certification Exam.

The course consists of two full days (16 hours) of in-class, instructor-led training, in addition to approximately 25 hours of online self-study through our Learning Management Platform.


Flight Training

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Following Ground School, a hands-on practical Flight Training portion of the program will dive deep into operations planning, and an exploration of manual and autonomous flight skills.

This portion of the training will take half a day, and is combined with Educator RPAS Training.


Educator RPAS Training


The educators advanced training operations course introduces educators to the safety, tools, software, and applications of using RPAS in schools and classrooms. The instruction consists primarily of elaborate hands-on flight training which builds on the Flight Training with in-depth software instruction for indoor and outdoor group flight.

Educators will be provided integration strategies for Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12 using current lesson plans that have been integrated into the Manitoba Curriculum; as well as troubleshooting scenarios, and cumulative project programming.

This component of the course consists of one half-day of training that is combined with Part 2: Flight Training, and an additional optional half-day that goes further in-depth into using “drones” in the classroom.

Pricing Structure

We have specialized pricing for schools or divisions planning to send multiple personnel to attend the training. Please note the pricing below for both Individual and Group rates.

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