Build a Drone course


Learn how to build a drone!!


Where: Winnipeg
When: March 5th, 7th, 12th and 14th
Time: 5:30-9:30 PM each day
Who: Only 3 people per course

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This course is designed for novice or experienced "droners," just like you, with an interest in learning how to build your own drone... from scratch!

Build and own your first drone


We provide all of the components for your build.  We are using high quality components, and will teach you step-by-step with our experienced instructors how to assemble, calibrate, test and fly your own drone.

It doesn't matter if you've never used a soldering iron or flown a drone.  This is where it all starts!

Knowledge Is KEY


This course will explain the requirements for safe operation of drones for hobby / recreational use, and will cover other important topics such as:

  • Flight Dynamics and Theory

  • Radio Frequencies

  • Aviation Safety

  • Battery Care

  • Flight Modes

  • etc.

The sky is the limit!! ...well, 300ft anyways

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You will take a seemingly random pile of components and turn it into a drone that you will fly around at the end of the course!


About the Instructors


Chris Thephasone is a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and currently works in the utilities industry.  He knows electricity!  He has been building and flying drones for recreation since the early 2000's.

He completed the M3 Aerial Productions UAV Ground School course and is now operating UAVs both commercially and recreationally.  

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Matt is also a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, a former high school teacher, and is the founder, President and CEO of M3 Aerial Productions Inc.  He has instructed over 35 UAV Ground School courses, and over 400 commercial UAV pilots.  In 2017 and 2018, 56 Brandon University students completed the M3 Aerial UAV Ground School as a 3rd year post-secondary credit course.  


Register for Build a Drone

We are only accepting 3 students for this class as it is very hands on, and highly instructor-assisted.

The course costs $1500.00 + GST per person