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If you've been loosely following how drones are quickly becoming one of the hottest industries in the world, and are thinking that you would like to explore the industry further, may we suggest...

M3 Aerial Productions' UAV Ground School

We're coming to Moncton January 13-14th, 2018!

We may be a bit biased in this recommendation, yes... but this course will provide you with an arsenal of knowledge that will help propel you into this burgeoning industry.  

If you didn't know, to become a commercial UAV pilot, Transport Canada currently requires you to complete UAV Ground School training.  In Atlantic Canada, you are required to complete the drone training through a registered compliant UAV Ground School, such as M3 Aerial Productions.

M3 Aerial was one of the first companies on the list of Transport Canada compliant UAV Ground Schools in Canada.  Our lead instructor, Matthew Johnson is a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces, and a professional educator, having taught high school mathematics since 2012 and instructed the UAV Ground School course at Brandon University as a 3rd-year course in the Faculty of Science) in the Fall and Winter sessions of 2017/2018. 

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Matthew is often joined in the classroom by aviation experts from the Royal Canadian Air Force, NAV CANADA representatives, UAV industry experts from across Canada, as well as highly experienced insurance experts, such as Calvin Reich from Capri Insurance, and Brad Borle from HUB International.

One of the best parts about our training is that it was designed by UAV pilots for UAV pilots, and focuses on practical value for a drone operator to ensure they have the most success in their operations.  


We cover many important topics throughout the course; essentially, everything you need to get started in the UAV business in Canada.  The course covers all of the requirements from the Transport Canada document TP 15263: "Knowledge Requirements for Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems...", and topics include:

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Flight and Aerodynamic Theory
  • Aeronautical Safety
  • Meteorology
  • Operating near Aerodromes and Airports
  • Air Laws and Flight Rules
  • Aeronautical Maps and Charts
  • Radio Theory
  • Operational and Pre-Flight Planning
  • Pilot Navigation
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Weather Constraints
  • Human Factors
  • Pilot Discipline

Need some more convincing?  Please read some of the testimonials from our previous course graduates here.

Where is the next drone training course in Moncton?

The course is going to be held on January 13-14th at the Moncton Lions Club, at 55 Mark Ave, Moncton, NB. 

Registration costs $585.75 - but, because you've read this far, we're going to offer you a special discount of $100 if you use the promo code SPECIAL100 when registering.  Please let us know if you have any questions by filling in the form below!

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