Drone Fishing

Why not bring your drone when you're heading out to catch ol' "General Sherman" (the one that got away).  Drones can give you an excellent idea of underwater structure (if the water is clear) where fish may be hiding out, and can take some fantastic angles when you're reeling in that monster!

These images were taken by Trevor Lyons of Blue Crow Aerials out of Winnipeg.  The images were taken of a group fishing at Wallace Lake in Manitoba.  A great little drone to use when you're heading out on a nice glassy morning is the DJI Spark.- it weighs 300g (thats about as much as a Muskie's breakfast so be careful near the water).  You can take pictures by using gestures with your hands, and it can be controlled in the same manner, as well as via smart phone, or with the remote controller.

I would recommend you use it AFTER you've fished out a location, so you don't spook the fish if you want to get some cool shots - though the spark isn't as loud as some other models.

And just for your amusement, down south there are even people FISHING WITH DRONES.  I'm not sure I would trust Mr. Muskie not to yank my expensive machine out of the sky, but it is cool to watch!

I'm going to end by saying that it is important to make sure you are aware of the regulations for flying your drone, and that you check to see if you are too close to any aerodromes or built-up-areas.  A good resource for checking where you shouldn't be flying is the UAV Site Selection Tool. If you want more information about the regulations, check out our blog about Flying Drones for Fun (recreationally) in Canada right here!