Why You Need to Know About #Drones4Crohns

Did you know that Canada has among the highest rates of Crohn's Disease and Ulerative Colitis in the world?

Did you know that Crohn's disease has almost doubled in Canadian children under 10 years of age since 1995.

and did you know that almost 250,000 people in Canada are struggling with the burden of living with Crohn's and Colitis diseases?

What are Crohn's and Colitis?

crohns and colitis.PNG

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are diseases that inflame the lining of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract and disrupt your body's ability to digest food, absorb nutrition, and eliminate waste in a healthy manner (Crohn's and Colitis Canada, 2017).

So what is the connection to drones?

#Drones4Crohns is an initiative to combine a highly visible, media "click-bait" topic with one of the most unspoken medical conditions.  Most people have never heard of IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease), Crohn's disease, or Ulcerative colitis until someone they love is diagnosed.  We decided to start this initiative to help bring attention to the campaign by garnering that larger media attention.

What is #Drones4Crohns?

#Drones4Crohns is a campaign to bring attention to IBD through Crohns and Colitis Canada.  We will be hosting the first #Drones4Crohns event in Winnipeg in 2018, where we will be auctioning off donated aerial photographs from drone enthusiasts across Canada and the world!

amazing drone photography in the morning.JPG

People will submit aerial photos they've taken from drones which will be judged into two categories, Best in Canada, and Best in World.  There will be prizes for the top three donations in each category.  The images will then be enlarged and printed on canvas, and auctioned at a public event.  Any prints that are not sold during the auction will be sold online.  Artists who donate their pieces will have their donations showcased on the #Drones4Crohns website, and the winners will be displayed on the Crohn's & Colitis Canada website.  

If you would like to donate either financial or photographic contributions to the campaign, or would like to help out from an organizational standpoint, please contact us for more information by clicking the link below!

Matthew Johnson

I am a professional educator, serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces, UAV pilot, and owner of M3 Aerial Productions.

I am pleased to provide the community with amazing images they have never seen before, of their homes, farms, cottages, and more.