Basic Training RPAS Ground School



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Fill out the form to be eligible for a FULL REFUND on the price of the Basic Training RPAS Ground School course, which we have now completed in beta form.


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3) You will receive full access the content for the Basic Training course.

4) Complete the training and submit "feedback" which will in the form of a survey, to be completed following completion of the course.

3) Once the feedback form has been submitted we will provide a full refund for the training, and allow you access to the material until February 2020.

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You are confirming that you understand that you must first regsiter for the training for $249.00 CAD, and upon completion of the training, provide feedback through our four (4) page survey to receive your full reimbursement on the training. No reimbursement will be issued without your completed survey form. In order to issue your full reimbursement, we ask that you submit the feedback before September 30th, 2019. Don't worry, we'll send out reminders. If you don't think you'll have time to complete the training by September 30th, please save this pre-registration seat for the next person as we are limiting this free beta access to only 20 users.