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M3 Aerial is now running RPAS Basic Training courses which you can register for and complete entirely online. The content required to be covered under the “Knowledge for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, 250g Up To And Including 25kg, Operating Within Visual Line of Sight” for Basic Operations is less comprehensive than the Advanced program. Due to restrictions on where a “Basic Pilot” can operate (outside of controlled airspace, 100ft from people), Transport Canada has made it less daunting of a procedure to get certified as a Basic Pilot.

The M3 Aerial Productions RPAS Basic Training Ground School program is only a fraction of the cost ($299.00 vs. $799.00 for the Advanced program). You can expect to spend anywhere from 8-20 hours working through the content, as everybody reads and learns at different rates.

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With your registration for RPAS Basic Training Ground School, you will also receive exclusive member access to our Member’s Area (which can be found at the bottom of our main page, the Flight Deck. You will receive FREE unlimited access to our exclusive content, as well as the course materials, until February 2020 (or 1 year from the date of your registration), at which time we will be implementing a nominal subscription fee.

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