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Facebook Reviews

  • review rating 0  I've completed both the M3 ground school and flight school. I found both courses to be informative and to help build my confidence for using UAVs for archaeological research purposes. I haven't complete my TC test yet, but am confident that the M3 coursework and training will have prepared me to pass, and to then secure an SFOC to fly for research purposes.

    thumb Scott Neilsen

    review rating 5  I took the M3 Aerials Ground School in January. A well developed and informative course. Very well done! Matthew is a great teacher and an excellent resource for any questions I’ve had outside of the course. Highly recommend the M3 Aerials Ground School! A+

    thumb Adam Lee

    review rating 5  I took the UAV ground school course over the weekend and it was fantastic. It provided me with all the information I needed. Matthew is an excellent instructor and can answer any questions you may have.

    thumb Keith Falardeau
  • review rating 5  The company provided first class aerial images which were extremely influential for a real estate sales application. We will use M3 Aerial Productions for additional promotions without question!

    thumb Lloyd Johnson

    review rating 5  I took the UAV Ground School Course with Matthew Johnson. Excellent course that de-mystified a lot of the flight concepts and helped create a simpler understanding of drone flights and safety. Furthermore, I appreciate Matthew’s willingness to help me on an on-going basis after the course with questions anytime. Great guy!!

    thumb Ryan Keown

    review rating 5  M3 runs a great ground school program, with an educated and knowledgeable instructor, Matthew. The comprehensive curriculum will ensure anyone can be prepared to get in to the UAV business. M3 is very involved in the UAV industry, and many great ideas were shared on how to get yourself involved as well. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the industry.

    thumb Ian Froese
  • review rating 0  I just completed the M3 Aerial training for advanced RPAS to prepare for writing for my advanced license. I have to say the course, course content and course instruction was very, very thorough and a huge help in helping me prepare to go on to the next level from recreational flying to commercial flying RPAS. I have been involved in the RC aircraft hobby and building & flying multi-coptors since long before they became available for the general public consumer, so I am quite familiar with flying remotely piloted aircraft. I still found this course very valuable and highly recommend it to anyone looking to get either their basic or advanced RPAS license. Matthew is very thorough and knowledgeable in his field, and gets the important points in both regulatory and non regulatory aspects of flying across clearly and concisely.

    thumb Glen A Stromquist

    review rating 0  I recently completed the ground school and now have a standing SFOC. I can genuinely recommend Matthew D Johnson as a subject matter expert and excellent educator! It's not difficult to observe that Matthew is dedicated and has high interest in his chosen field, clearly committed to service, passionate about his work. Count on M3Aerial for quality & positive favourable outcomes! ✈️

    thumb Rob Burton

    review rating 0  M3 Aerial Productions ground school course is awesome! Such a great experience for me to learn about UAV industry and is delivered by the pros!

    thumb Derek J. Fisher
  • review rating 5  Just wonderful! It was awesome to get the video from Matt of our property from the air. Great angles with high quality editing. I'm sure once I show my neighbours, they will come calling.

    thumb Victor Lopes

    review rating 5  Just completed the classroom portion of the UAV ground school course and participated in an online webinar the week before. It was well worth it! Matt has a solid knowledge of UAVs and how to operate them safely and efficiently in a variety of applications. I've been flying a UAV for over two years and I really appreciated that Matt offered to tailor certain aspects of the course to meet my needs. I am doing an online course elsewhere, and while the course is good, I believe that if I found M3 Aerial's course first, I would already have my SFOC, as this course is designed specifically with UAV pilots in mind. With his network, Matt arranged for guest speakers who are experts in their respective areas, incuding a guest speaker from NAV CANADA. Questions and misconceptions I had about SFOCs and insurance were answered and I feel much more confident in looking after the administrative side of things. With other aspects such as mission planning, I don't have to re-invent the wheel, but I do have what I need to build on. As well it was a good opportunity to meet other UAV pilots, learn what they are doing, and to share our experiences. I have nothing but good things to say about Matt and his company M3 Aerial Productions. If you are planning to learn about UAVs, this is a good company to start with.

    thumb Tim Petrash

    review rating 0  M3 is absolutely amazing. I have made a career in the UAV industry and have never been happier at work. I couldn’t have done this without M3 ground school and support and encouragement from Matt. Anyone interested in this industry should start with M3. Thanks Matt!

    thumb Bernie Kozan

Course Feedback

M3 offers engaging up-to-date courses. The training exceeded my expectations!

William McQuinn

The course was excellent! I have been looking for a hybrid (online / in-class) package and was really disappointed that I couldn’t find one [until now]. The value of having an experienced instructor provide real world knowledge can’t be overstated. I am very pleased to have discovered M3. The in-class discussions have been incredibly valuable! Lee (Atlantic Canada instructor) has brought the academic learning to life! Thanks!

Byron Conway

The knowledge of information given in the binder was very well prepared and reviewed in a clear explained, and sometimes visually explained to legally use an RPAS

Lyndon Sappier

Explanation of regulation changes refresher was exceptional. Excellent online templates in members area [available] in preparation for an SFOC application.

Don Campbell

The course is an eye-opener for me and has advanced my interest in the RPAS technology!

Bright Martin, Tetty-Asare

Even more impressed with the course this time (previously attended Dec 2017). Very well presented!

Daniel G. Degner, M.L.S

Great course with a high value! Makes everything seem very manageable and straight-forward!

Luc Desjardins

I enjoyed it very much!

Dr. Gordon Goldsborough

The concluding scenarios and the “operations planning rehearsal” were excellent!

Erick Appiah-Odame
Frontier School Division

Very thorough. Definitely more information than I thought there would be, but in a good way!

Adam Dolman

Very thorough, interesting and engaging!

Josh Koob

Very informative! Lots of resource material.

Paul Colvin

Extremely detailed and interesting! Covered more relevant info than I expected!

Chris Tataryn

Very good course! Excellent documentation and reference material. Several sections are developed to industry leading standards.

Chris John

Impressed with the knowledge depth and demonstrated field experience! I also appreciated the various web links provided.

Angelo Colatruglio

Great! Loved the thoroughness and professionalism advocated and demonstrated. Every drone operator should take this course.

Tom Wolf

Good! Thank you! I appreciate your effort!

Mark Vriend

I was happy to see that Matthew was easy to listen to!

Provided real world experience and examples beyond what I expected!

Jamie Hoover

Great atmosphere! Enjoyable to be a part of.

Jayden Studd

Great information given for an industry that is growing and changing.

Allan Macdonald
Rapid Fire

I thought the course was a bit expensive, but [M3 Aerial Productions] gives extra info from experience, so all good!

Duane Vare
Great Excavations

Matthew is a leading industry professional and his ethical alignment is uquestionable. Fantastic course! I highly recommend attending this course!

Dylan Underhill

Very impressed! Leaves little-to-nothing unanswered!

Adrian Maendel

Very in-depth and informative! Great experience in classroom and documents available [in Member’s Section”] on website!

Clayton Grawberger

Very good material coverage and presentation. Difficult time to deliver the content with the new regulations pending. Well done!

Pietra Shirley

[The course] is organized, skillfully prepared and clearly engaging! Matthew displayed a thorough knowledge of the profession.

Ajayi Adebayo

A thorough and in-depth insight into what is required to become a UAV pilot. Also excellent knowledge supporting what it takes to be a good pilot!

Sam Taylor

I was very impressed with the course! Kudos! I had no prior knowledge of “flying” and now I’ve learned new technology!

Rhonda Cameron
Swan Lake First Nation

The course was very well organized, I’m very impressed!

Lionel Cameron
Swan Lake First Nation

Great practical knowledge (mission planning)! Matt’s experience in lots of different ops is extremely valuable. I’m looking forward to future training opportunities!

Will Dingwall

Great course! Matthew is engaging and knowledgeable, and made rather dull subject matter reasonably interesting (ie. rules and regs)…

Richard Lamoureux

I was very impressed with how the material was presented in such a way that I was intrigued throughout. It made it easy to understand the fundamentals of UAVs without having much drone experience, within the 2-day time period!

Lydia Spooner

Very helpful in all areas!

Jamie Maddever

This course exceeded my expectations!

Mario Osorio

The instructor had practical experience and a comprehensive background!

Nam Nguyen

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor who was able to share his experiences both good & bad (very helpful). Good guest speaker too!

Niels Bugge

This [course] had a lot of information, but delivered in a manner that was not overloaded.

Adam Williams

Excellent content, with clear and concise course info. Sample Op Plans, etc., will be very helpful in developing our own procedures and policies!

Jeff Badke

Very great course! No improvement needed!

Bo Lindell

Glad I attended!

Dan Grapko

I was impressed! [The course] gave me the info I need to succeed. Thank you for a great class!

Bernie Kozan

Matt is very experienced and knowledgeable, and makes what he says easy to understand. Great course!

Ryan Desjarlais

Very well done Matt, glad I took your course! It was very well planned!

Merv Sauerberg

Having not much experience with drones, this course was put on over my expectations. Well done!

Jimmi Langevin

It is a very thorough course that was expertly presented with real world knowledge and experience. I highly recommend it!

James Cadden

Takes the grey out of UAV operation and a great step to confidently fill out an SFOC. Many questions were answered!

Sev Samulski

Very well put together, and informative.

Terry Coldwell

his course opened my eyes even more as I pursue this field. Excellent! Perfect course for anyone to learn the in’s and out’s of unmanned air vehicles!

Derek Fisher

Very well laid out. Covers all important points. Amazing added value with access to useful documents!

Kyle Sierens

Fantastic, informative, and very cool!

Don Dompe

Well presented. I feel much more confident in UAV operations. Matthew clearly knows what he is doing!

Ryan Cheale
Midcan Productions

I was thoroughly impressed with Matt’s knowledge and relevance of the examples that were used.

Darren Cobick

Matt was extremely knowledgable regarding all of the topics of the course and easily answers all of the questions we had.

Thomas Hopkins

The course was great! A lot of pertinent info!

Devon Agnew

I love Matthew’s passion and teaching excitement. Interesting real world examples!

Preston Stanton

Matthew knows his stuff! This is a “must have” course for beginners! Very clear, concise and professionally delivered. Very satisfied and highly recommended!

Glenn Kulbaba

I would thoroughly recommend Matthew’s class to anyone, no matter their level of UAV knowledge. His knowledge is extensive and his experience is an invaluable reference!

Tanner Grywinski

So much information to streamline so many different aspects of drone ownership / flight operations of a commercial flyer.

Ben Doerksen

Very engaging, lots of good information that can help with future operations!

Cole Watts

Excellent course! Very well done and very professional!

Keith Falardeau

There was a lot of info to cover, but it was well worth it!

Richard Doudiet
TBT Engineering

Thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Wish I had been able to take a 5-day course with Matt.

Harland Orendt

The course is well prepared and presented, and I now feel more confident in my ability to prepare an SFOC application and to plan and perform flight operations [using UAVs].

Scott Neilsen
Memorial University of Newfoundland

This course was informative and well laid out. Educational atmosphere while keeping it relaxed and engaging.

Nick Hope
Skeye Aerial

Very engaging!

Jessica Connolly
Brandon University

The instructor (Matt) brought a lot of useful information to class and went through it in a timely manner, kept it interesting, and I feel like I have learned a lot of helpful information to approach this new venture

Kendra Cousins

Very impressed & learned a lot

Blake McKellar
Bayer CropScience Inc

Just finished the M3 Aerial Productions UAV Systems in Industry UAV Ground School, with lots of extras! It is not a pushover, but a thorough, by the book, and anecdotal course. [It is] realistic, fun, informative, instructive, [and] teaching a risky business [with] potentially damaging liabilities. Matthew definitely knows his stuff. Don’t undersell the importance of this training!

Harry Siemens

The course was very informative. I feel confident that I have the proper resources to operate UAVs commercially.

Chris Thephasone

The course was full of relevant information and examples. I would highly recommend attending. Great value for your dollar!

Matthew Gudger
Endeavour Hydrographic Ltd.

The course was very well put-together and enjoyable. I learned a lot of very useful information.

Jaycek Valentine

Very informative. A comfortable atmosphere and the instructor has up-to-date knowledge on current regulations.

Joshua McCallum

Great course! Very informative! Everything I was expecting and more!

Robert Hicks

Impressed with the course material, presentation, and Matthew’s first-hand input, advice, and enthusiasm!

Preston Stanton

Thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and for putting together an excellent course.

Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj
Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada (AAFC)

Absolutely awesome! Matt knows his stuff, and even though they were long days and a lot of material, the days seem to go smoothly!

Cam Kenny,

Instructor was very well prepared and knowledgeable, very engaging, shared personal experiences that were very relatable, relevant and helpful. The numerous guest speakers were great, and made the course very widely ranging. The online component is incredibly thorough and educational.

Daniel G. Degner

I really enjoyed this! Informative and interesting. Very engaging! If you can keep my attention in a classroom, you are doing something right! A+++ of a course. I really enjoyed it an I believe I can become a commercial UAV pilot! Thanks so much for the training!

Satisfied Ground School Graduate

It’s a great course to start with drones. I recommend everyone should undergo the course

Dr. Yogendra Khedikar

Recommend this course to anyone planning to use drones for pleasure or work

Grant Tweed

Lots of info covered in the course and was explained very well. Great course! Well organized and prepared to keep you interested

Dustin Redfern
Redfern Farm Services

More info than expected, but like the focus on industry regulations and SFOC info.

Dale Oakes, Bayer

Very impressed with the course. Lots of useful information. Went well beyond what was expected!

Dillon Thoms

Great material, and knowledgeable teacher.

Cam Tibbett
Munro Farm Supplies

Very good course. Explanations were clear and thorough, and there was ample time for questions and clarifications.

Alyssa Eagle

Overall, the course was very thorough and informative.

Oliver Thunken

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